What would it feel like to be known and loved by everyone that could ever buy from you?

Do you have an innovative business that is changing people's lives in some way - big or small?
Have you felt helpless at times, and perhaps even considered giving up because you can't get traction?

Or maybe you feel like - if people just knew about you and the amazing things you're doing - they would become obsessed.

If you answered YES to any of these questions ...

The Vesta program was built specifically for you. And it will change your life.


Our Pedigree

The Only Way to Win in 2020?

Build a Brand.

The only way to do that?

Build a Community

People keep telling you how great you and your brand is - so why can't you grow a meaningful business online?

We talk to small businesses like yours all the time. You have a business you feel is innovative. You are passionate. And you are just a bit lost.

At times you have wondered if it's even worth continuing if you're not going to be able to get enough attention on what you're doing.

You wanted to help people, and you wanted to grow something meaningful that would not just make you a lot of money, but would change people's lives.

So maybe you've tried everything from Facebook ads to Google ads to writing blogs to going to endless trade shows and events.

Everyone says your product is great - so why isn't anything working?

It's not you, and there's likely nothing wrong with your business! It's just time to think outside the box. Time to get creative. Time to zig while everyones else zags.

It's hard. We know that. But courage moves mountains.

That's why we created Vesta, and nothing like it has ever existed.

Introducing Vesta

We're re-inventing and disrupting small business marketing & PR for founders with innovative businesses who deserve the attention and recognition they deserve

Vesta is a creative solution to ignite viral BUZZ and SOCIAL PROOF around your brand. It's a ...

  • Program designed to build massive awareness, trust, and authority to your brand so you can get more sales, longer term customers, and more stability.

  • Program scientifically designed to create lifetime brand fanatics that will never stop spreading the word about your brand across the internet through powerfully built communities.

  • Machine to create dozens and dozens of powerful online endorsements to get more people buying your product. These endorsements make the buying decision a no-brainer for potential customers.
Part I

The Brand Evangelists

Not your average testimonial

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And have a community of superfans plastering the internet with positive endorsements ...

So what are they saying about YOU?

And is there a community out there to say it?

Isn't it time people all over the world started talking about you?


The effectiveness rating of customer testimonials in marketing (Social Fresh)


Recall reading online reviews and claimed positive online testimonials influenced buying decisions (Dimensional Research)


Percentage of consumers saying they read up to 10 reviews before feeling they can trust a business. (Search Engine Land)

More brand fanatics, unprecedented positive buzz, reviews, endorsements, and more sales.
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Part II

The Media Blitz

  • We guarantee no less than 15,000 people (minimum!) will be exposed to your brand every month.

This includes but is not limited to:

  • Free promotion of all testimonial content across all social channels
  • An Authority Article that features your brand with loads of traffic pushed to it
  • A social media video of your product in our signature HERO system format (responsible for billions of views)
  • Opportunities to use our PR network for interviews and pitching out to other publications for features
  • On-demand PR advisement from our expert team through an engaged online group
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Where do all these articles and videos get posted?


Personal Brands


We will recruit 2 people per month to test your product. We'll then work with them to create 2 high quality testimonial videos every month about how the product has improved their lives

We'll work with you to identify your existing fans. Then we'll work with them to create 2 high quality testimonial videos every month about how you have changed their lives

We'll work with you to identify existing or past customers that loved your work. Then we'll work directly with them to create 2 high quality testimonial videos every month about how you have changed their life

Put plainly - we created a media brand for you.

Vesta Media (vestamedia.io) is a home for news and content about the people and brands that are changing the world.

We cover everything from game-changing technology and products, to innovative thought leaders who are changing people's lives.

It's a home for us to showcase our Vesta members and how incredible they are.

Which is why we don't work with everybody. We only want to work with brands that are truly making a difference and care deeply about who they serve.

Hi! Thanks so much for checking out Vesta. In many ways it's the culmination of a career's worth of experience building mass attention for brands cross the globe.

In case you want to know more about us ... Matt is a viral video expert and helped invent the system and format of viral video in leadership positions at Business Insider, NowThis, and New York Magazine. He's the author of Producing Empathy: The Secret Method I use to Get 100 Million Views on Videos Online, and a professor of public relations and marketing at Muhlenberg College and Kean University.

Jamie is a content marketing expert with a long track record of ranking brands on the first page of Google and growing their businesses through SEO.

Thank you for your time, attention, and care.


Matt & Jamie