What would it feel like to be a household name?

Do you have an innovative product or service that solves a problem in people's lives?
Are you unable to advertise as effectively as you'd like on social media because you can't afford it? Or because profitability is near impossible?
Have you felt helpless at times, and perhaps even considered giving up because you can't get traction?

Or maybe you feel like - if people just knew about you and the amazing things you're doing - they would become obsessed with you?

If you answered YES to any of these questions ...

Vesta was built specifically for you. And it will change your life.


Our Pedigree

The Digital Advertising Bubble Is About to Pop
Be honest, how many overpromising Facebook Ads "gurus" do you see in your social feeds every day talking about all the opportunities you're missing out on? How many product ads are vying for your attention? 

Social media feeds are flooded with paid advertising and when it floods, costs go up.

When it comes to digital marketing the same old garbage is being regurgitated again and again. 

But we're breaking that mold. No more courses. No more more overpriced "advertising agencies." No more get rich quick promises.

Instead, we're changing the way small businesses get attention forever.

The Only Way to Win in 2020?

Build a Brand.

The only way to do that?

Build a Community

People keep telling you how great your product is - so why can't you grow a meaningful business online?

We talk to small businesses like yours all the time. You have a product you feel is innovative. You are passionate. And you are lost.

At times you have wondered if it's even worth continuing if you're not going to be able to get enough attention to what you're doing.

You wanted to help people, and you wanted to grow something meaningful that would not just make you a lot of money, but would change people's lives.

So maybe you've tried everything from Facebook ads to Google ads to writing blogs to going to endless trade shows and local events.

Everyone says your product is great - so why isn't anything working?

It's not you, and there's likely nothing wrong with your product or business! It's just time to think outside the box. Time to get creative. Time to zig while everyones else zags.

It's hard. We know that. But courage moves mountains.

That's why we created Vesta, and nothing like it has ever existed.

Introducing Vesta

We're re-inventing and disrupting small business marketing & PR for founders with innovative products who deserve the attention and recognition they deserve

Vesta is a creative and affordable solution to ignite viral BUZZ and SOCIAL PROOF around your products. It's a ...

  • Program designed to build massive awareness, trust, and authority to your brand so you can get more sales, longer term customers, and more stability.

  • Program scientifically designed to create lifetime brand fanatics that will never stop spreading the word about your brand across the internet through powerfully built communities.

  • Machine to create dozens and dozens of powerful online endorsements to get more people buying your product. These endorsements make the buying decision a no-brainer for potential customers.
Part I

The Brand Evangelists

Irresistible social proof, endorsements, and FOMO

Total pieces of social proof content created

With consistent traffic pushed to it at no cost to the brand

Part III

Your Squad of Superfans

How long should we stay in the program?

We strongly recommend sticking with us for at least 5 months so we can build and nurture your community of superfans. That said, you can leave whenever you want.


Frequently Asked Questions






Who are these evangelists? Are they influencers? Will they be my target demo?
These are not influencers, they are regular folks just like your customers! Influencer marketing is overrated, people want to see themselves in endorsements!

And yes, you'll tell us exactly what your target demos are and we'll get evangelists that align.

What is an "experience" and "endorsement" video that the evangelists will be doing?

The endorsement video is a video they shoot (with our instructions so it's good!) talking about how much they love your product. The experience video is like a first hand product demo so people can see it used in the wild and explain how it works!

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And have a community of superfans plastering the internet with positive endorsements ...

So what are they saying about YOU?

And is there a community out there to say it?

- We recruit 2 brand evangelists for each brand per month to test and review your brand’s products - regular people - just like your customers - ready to champion your brand and spread the word. 

- If they like it - we create 4 pieces of content, including 2 videos - an endorsement video convincing people like them to buy, and an ‘experience’ video that shows how it works. How do we know these videos will be effective? We use our patented HERO system for viral video and make sure of it.

- Content is published to Vesta’s authority website on exciting new products, and Vesta’s YouTube channel showcasing new products 

- Vesta will push both paid & organic hyper-targeted traffic to this content (at no cost to you)

How it works
  • Over the course of the project, Vesta will recruit, build, excite, and nurture a brand community for you.

  • The communities will be public, indexable by search engines, and a home for people to share stories and questions central to your brand’s core missions.

  • The communities will be designed to get people to form bonds with each other as well as the brand. Over time they will also recruit others to join.

Your Investment

20 pieces of video content 


20 pieces of blog content 


Building an engaged and devoted community around a brand 


Paid and organic traffic driving


Why does this cost 75% less than the actual value?

Vesta's parent company, Guide Social, was originally born with a mission to help small businesses who couldn’t afford traditional marketing techniques.

Leveraging content & community for innovative young businesses has always been our mission.

This product makes it possible for every single business owner to get the community and content they need to seriously grow and stop playing from behind.

Isn't it time people all over the world started talking about you?


What kind of workload will I have to do to find the evangelists and build the community?

None. Think of us like secret agents to build buzz around your brand. Once we agree to start working together we immediately start finding evangelists and getting the community built. We highly recommend you and your staff being a part of the community but it is not required. We quite literally do it all. The only thing you provide are the product samples and an email list of past customers.



The effectiveness rating of customer testimonials in marketing (Social Fresh)


Recall reading online reviews and claimed positive online testimonials influenced buying decisions (Dimensional Research)


Percentage of consumers saying they read up to 10 reviews before feeling they can trust a business. (Search Engine Land)


Just $497/month

These communities are built entirely by us without the brand needing to spend time creating extra content, recruiting members, or stressing about what to post.
More brand fanatics, unprecedented positive buzz, reviews, endorsements, and more sales.
Apply for VestaApply for Vesta

Total Investment: $9,850 


Still have questions?

Text Matt (founder) and he'll answer them asap:


Want to know how Vesta works? Watch CEO Matt Johnston break it down


Just $1,970/month ($9,850 total)

Part II

The Media Blitz

  • We guarantee no less than 15,000 impressions (minimum!) on your brand per month.

  • You'll be leveraging the full power of Vesta Media, with exciting content about your product plastered all over the internet

  • This includes but is not limited to:
    • Paid & organic promotion of all evangelist content across all social channels
    • A Vesta Media Authority Article that features your product and brand with loads of traffic pushed to it
    • A Native social media video of your product in our signature HERO system format (responsible for billions of views) on vesta optimized for virality with tons of eyeballs driven to it (Across all platforms - Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn, and YouTube)
    • Inclusion in our regular gift guides and innovation round up posts, as well as special LIVE video "Vesta Picks" programs (think QVC but on the internet!)
    • Lots of other opportunities to use our PR network for interviews and pitching out to other publications for features
    • On-demand PR advisement from our expert team responsible for tens of billions of eyeballs of traffic online and millions on television.

No long term commitments (month to month)


Matt Johnston and Jamie Barber are Vesta's proud parents.

Matt is the CEO of Guide Social and has a storied career in executive positions at Business Insider, NowThis, New York Magazine, and Men's Health/Women's Health.

He's an online video and content expert personally responsible for more than 10 billion video views online. He's also an acclaimed author and speaker.

Jamie is an online content specialist with a profound history ranking brands at the top of Google. She is co-founder and CXO of Guide Social.